Top Software Apps Used in the Classrom

Questions are often asked about what the top 5 software apps used in educational environments are available online. This is a tough question to ask, as there are many on the list. Nonetheless, for the software to be effective, it should help push the learning activity into a high-tech reality that reflects the innovations made in the last couple of years. The app should center around teachers’ needs in helping their students cope with the learning process in an environment that is fun and interesting. Learn about Using technology in education

So, what are these bits of software to use in your school in making your classroom on the go? Well, from among the many, here is five of them…

Teachers often love to turn a boring class into a game to help motivate students to learn. But not all teachers have the knack of inventing games from scratch. This app from the Getkahoot website, helps you turn classroom lessons into a fun experience. It is as simple as entering your prepared questions on the site to create an enjoyable game in your laptop or mobile phone. Your students can join, by downloading the app and use it as a buzzer to answer the questions.

Teachers are cast as a game show host who shoots multiple-choice question on any topic. With the Kahoot’s platform, quiz questions are projected on the white board which serves as a screen for the students to watch. Players have 30 seconds to answer the questions on their laptops or smartphones. They earn points for every correct choice that they make and bonus points for clicking faster.

Parents often want to know how their children are faring in school. Hence, it is important for them to keep track of their kids’ progress throughout the school term. This app is a student portfolio app that stores a student’s best work to share with their parents. The software empowers students to document their school work through photos, videos, PDFs, links, and messages. Seesaw helps capture the learning process as the students go through them and not just the end result.

Teachers, on the other hand, control the viewers of their student’s content, and customize it with feedback options if needed. The software can also help pinpoint the student’s strengths and weaknesses and discuss it with their parents during PTA meetings. This app has worldwide connectivity – as it can be connected directly to other classrooms around the world, in a safe and teacher-moderated environment. Learn about Tech in the Classroom here.

The Slack app is often used by businesses to keep connected with their employees at all times. Recently, students have been using this software to get in touch with their peers beyond school hours. College instructors use it to host text-based learning materials and important reminders to their students. Team conversations can be organized through open channels. These channels can be created for a specific project or topic, where everyone can view on what’s going on at any time of the day.

For sensitive information, private channels can be created so only those invited or a few team members can see or join the channel. You can drop, drag, and share your files with team members, at your discretion. You can add features for comments, a star for future reference, and be searchable as the link can be pasted with any services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

The Additio is an app for teachers that can be used as a digital Gradebook without the need for an internet connection. This app helps the teacher with class monitoring and in tabulating quizzes and student performances. Additional features for the analytics and note-keeping entail an additional monthly fee of $8 for the Additio Plus Edition.

This software is a multi-platform app that enables teachers to come up with several grading sheets, calculate grades and examination results, monitor student’s attendance in class, and plan school activities on a daily or weekly basis. It is compatible with Excel (CSV) and student reporting in word (RIF). The app also enables you to evaluate your students’ performance using Rubrics. Learn more about University of Florida Ed Tech

Epic Unlimited Books for Kids
Teachers at the elementary grade school level are always on the lookout for reading materials for their students. Since books are expensive to buy, this app enables teachers in the U.S. and Canada to access over 15,000 kid-friendly books for free. Book sources come from National Geographic Kids, Goosebump series, among many others.

This app has two version Epic! For the Home and the Epic! For Educators. The former has 15,000 book selection and audio-enabled books. There is a personalized recommendation for each child, and online/offline reading can me made through subscriptions. The latter is free to all elementary school educators in the U.S. and Canada. There are unlimited choices of children’s books, including read-to-me fiction materials. There is a personalized recommendation based on a child’s reading abilities.

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